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A web platform that is committed to educate, train and raise awareness on how to detect and report phishing attacks for the Dartmouth community.

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My role: UX Research, UX / UI designer

I worked with the current user flow that the previous team had created, made revisions, and created the User Management portal. 

Tools:  Figma, Whimsicle

Timeframe: 20 weeks in the DALI Lab

Team: Olufisayo Babalola D'20, Callie Page D'20, Ian Hou D'22,

             Faustino Cortina D-21, Nate Schneider D'22, Rohith Mandailli D'22

What is phishing?

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack that uses emails or messaging to snare people, similar to how bait is used to catch fish.

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Why does it matter?

Over the years, the Dartmouth community proved to be vulnerable phishing attacks. While 8 out of 10 Dartmouth students and staff do not know what to do when they get phishy emails and how to report them, many of these attacks go unnoticed.

So, how did we respond?

To encourage students and staff to raise awareness on how to detect and report phishing, users can win prizes too! By forward suspected phishing emails to, users and win and learn. 

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Process / Work



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